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John deere 4020 battery hookup

john deere 4020 battery hookup

the regulator is somewhere around 150 and the batteries are 150 each, and that is minimum prices that I found for decent parts. Thank you for watching, this instructable took several days of work on the tractor largely due to the alternator pulley and the weather, along with an entire day and a half of video editing, and another day to make the diagrams. Rotate the Alternator up so that it is far enough in to get the belt. References, copyright 2018 Leaf Group Ltd. Those are just three kits that are available that I was looking into, whatever you do make sure to call the company and talk with them on the parts to check the brand of starter and make sure the starter nose cone is not aluminum. The brown and blue wires that are near the starter should also be connected to the top starter solenoid terminal. Remove the main negative line from the starter. It will not work with this conversion.

It is best to set the batteries on a piece of wood or rubber. Now we need to remove the hood. Turn on your Key, press in the clutch (otherwise known as an inching pedal) and press the starter button.

john deere 4020 battery hookup

Its best to find a way to prop the filter up in order to conserve the fuel in the filter. There is a hood latch on each side turn these outward to release the hood. It appears the kit is still available if interested. Fair warning that the bolts on this starter are difficult to get. Step 6: Remove Existing Generator and Bracket.