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to enrich the barnacles while at the same time absolving them of all responsibility, including having to work for a living. . We make the debt that recently brought down Greece look like a poorly-run Monopoly game. . Where America, Big Government Collide. . The list of demands, as described by McClintock on the House floor, sounds like political bullying: "The IRS demanded the names of every participant at every meeting held over the last two years, transcripts of every speech given at those meetings, what positions they had. She also approved the prosecution of Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols as the only Oklahoma City conspirators, despite evidence that others, including a Middle Eastern man seen with McVeigh, were involved. Reno did not read the prepared statement carefully, the report said. The following incidents constitute a typical week in the life of the American police state. . Friday 12/6/2013, former Massachusetts chemist Annie Dookhan pleaded guilty to all 27 counts of falsifying nearly 40,000 criminal drug cases, effectively upending the Massachusetts criminal justice system. . That involve the use of biometric identifiers." Republicans Go to Jail, Democrats Run Free. . Shortly thereafter, in protection of their home, the residents. Wants to Introduce Legislation Around Citizen Heroes. .

In short, nothing tangible in the room is a "gift" from the government. . The Antiquities Act gives.S. A motorist has told Sky News of his disbelief at being fined for blowing his nose while his vehicle was at a standstill. . Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Patrick.

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